Important Factors of a Website Design

If you are helping to design a website or perhaps trying to build one for yourself, there are certain basic criteria that you must address. In this blog we look at the most important factors that you must take into consideration when both designing and developing a website and what benefits this will give you. […]

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Our third and concluding part to the article on why video is so important to a website looks at even more reasons why website owners should include audiovisual content on their websites. These include higher retention and better click-through rates, including emails. Better Retention Rates It is important that once you have persuaded visitors to […]

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For a long time, when building a website for your business, the phrase content is king has been the optimum guidance for owners. What this means is that whatever your website is selling or is about, the actual content must be relevant and, more importantly, interesting. There is no point having the best idea since […]


The Power of Graphic Art

Information and data is all around us, especially in the world we now live in. The internet explosion has made is incredibly easy for people to find information on any and every subject. The traditional method of consuming data was to read it, i.e. text. However, things are changing. People are choosing different methods to […]

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In today’s fast paced tech savvy world, it may come as a surprise, but people still do read magazines. To be fair, these days it is hard to go long without hearing how many more people consume information from the world wide web. Or, about hearing how smartphones and tablets have taken over from magazines. […]

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The second part of our blog of how to become a graphic designer looks into copywriting and software concerning designing professional looking layouts. You may think what has copywriting do with graphic designing? The short answer is that graphic designers have to relay a message, and sometimes content can be a big part of this. […]

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How to Become a Graphic Designer – Part 1

Graphic designers create visual solutions to communication problems, and they also find the best ways to get messages over, be they in print or any electronic media. This is normally done by fonts, colors, animation, photography, illustration and layout techniques. Graphic designers work in many industries and could get involved with the production design and […]

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In our third and concluding blog of how to become a successful website designer we look at some of the other skills, sometimes called soft skills that can help you as a web designer. Plus, the best ways of gaining experience and what is the best way to be better organized. What are Web Design […]

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