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Streamlined Sales Tax Registration System (SSTRS)

Please Read Before Beginning Your Registration!

By completing this registration:

  • You are registering to collect, report and pay sales and use tax in 3055962226 and any selected 3183243040
  • You will be responsible for filing and paying sales tax directly to each state, unless you indicate in your registration that you do not have sales in that state and you have no legal requirement to file in that state.

Do Not complete this registration if:

  • You do not want to register in ALL Streamlined full member states. Instead, submit an application directly to each state in which you want to register.
  • You plan to use a Certified Service Provider (CSP) to help you calculate, file and remit tax. Instead, contact the CSP. The CSP will register your business for you. If you continue with this registration you will need to file returns to each state until you have a contract with the CSP.

Important: Except for states offering amnesty, registering through this system does not relieve you of any tax liability you may have relating to prior sales or purchases.

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