Suisse Unitee Banque Ltd


About Us

Founded in 2002, we are a marketing-driven organization with flagship offices in Zurich. Many of our leaders have held senior executive positions at retail and consumer companies, giving us intimate insights and knowledge of the sector that cannot be found at a traditional investment bank. .

We combine our deep knowledge of the complex world of brands, products, real estate and management with our tenacity to provide companies with comprehensive, customized solutions and world-class execution. We have completed more transactions than any other boutique investment bank or advisory firm in our sector.

We cultivate a powerful network with key and emerging national and international players, which empowers us to pinpoint the optimal buy- or sell-side targets. Our agility enables us to adapt quickly to the needs, style and goals of each client.

Every relationship we create is forged from trust. The long-term bonds we form ensure that our roster of prominent retail and consumer companies will seek our services every time.

We Drive Success. We Maximize Value. We Exceed Expectations.

Head Office

Feldeggstrasse 55, PO Box No1195, 8034 Zurich, Switzerland Tel: +41 767 361 291