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Don’t feel like painting the house? Don’t have time to cut your grass or clean the snow? Is the thought of fixing a water leak or a light switch killing you? Do you want to go to a concert but have no one to watch the kids? Then FindGenie is what you need! By simply searching for someone to do a job, you can easily hire them to take care of the task on hand, using a simple but effective step by step system! It works the other way around, as well! Do you need to make a few bucks on the side? Are you someone who likes to work on their own time? Or do you want to show the whole world how good a carpenter you are? Sign up for FindGenie as an entrepreneur and just wait for the next gig to keep rolling in!


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Home Services To Simplify Your Life

FindGenie is an app that lets you find the right service provider to fix any issues you might have in your home, particularly when you need to be at more than one place at at time.

Take me for instance.

I live a couple of minutes away from my parents.

Every time it’s snowing, I first have to remove the snow in front my drive way, then go to my parent’s drive way and remove the snow there.

I don’t mind helping my parents, but this is a time- consuming task at just the wrong moment and it causes me to arrive late for work.

That’s why I’m happily hiring someone to take care of the snow issue both outside my and my parents’ place, so that I can focus on the things that are more urgent!

Purpose of FindGenie to make everyone’s life easier.