Bridge interfaces with NEO framework and allows users to manage, protect and utilize sensitive information in new ways. The Protocol offers a new standard for whitelists and allows participation in multiple ICOs. Bridge Certificates build trust so users can transact with confidence.



Bridge Identity Management System manages issuance, revocation and verification of identities on the blockchain. Our unique Bring Your Own Key system allows the user to share only the data they select, when and where they want.

Bridge Certificates

Issued on pre-set classifications, users are granted permissions to participate through their public address. Tier functionality allows access to contracts through easy integration of code for all ICOs and marketplace agreements.


TOLL tokens allow access to storefronts for legal agreements, ICO templates, verification, development opportunities and microservices at community-driven costs.


Compatibility comes built-in with Bridge Protocol. Transactions are run on the private chain, reserving the NEO blockchain for ICO contracts and operational tasks. Bridge is constantly evolving to answer the needs of businesses and individuals. Bridge offers digitalization and automation of legal agreements for easy deployment and seamless integration into blockchain operations.

Bridge TOLL tokens fuel the storefronts that offer identity services, Know-Your-Customer (KYC) solutions and access legal services providers on the blockchain.


Bridge Protocol offers standardization tools for blockchain and non-blockchain business processes. Tier classification allows for compliance through contract code. These strategies allow for lower cost KYC and legal vetting between parties without the hassle. Our digital certificates keep your sensitive information off the chain and secure, so the user and business have instant points-of-trust.

Bridge will allow existing integration to standard practices by way of digitalization of agreements like the SAFT, employment arrangements and more.


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