An Ayahuasca Healing Journey

After my journey down into the jungles of the Amazon in Peruand participating in 5 Ayahuasca healing ceremonies withShamans (see story ‘Ayahuasca Journey’ below) – I had askedGod-Spirit for something more accessible for westerners to beable to interact with Ayahuasca in a truly supportive healingenvironment that wouldn’t be too foreign or alien for them.I came across a quote by an Argentinian psychologist whoworks with healing people with Ayahuasca where she said:”We wanted to take the plant out of the insectoid terrors ofthe jungle,An Ayahuasca Healing Journey Articles and away from the heavy male energy of theShamans.”((That clicked for me…a way for Ayahuasca tospread Her work more easily.Here’s some thoughts by a 20 yr old woman about herexperiences with Ayahuasca -“Throughout the seminar there was a lot of communicationamong the participants that forged a strong bond between us,and allowed me to really develop my interpretation of thecompletely overwhelming ayahuasca experience. For me, theseminar was a transcendent mingling of historic, contemporary,and futuristic worlds. It created a context in which anancient medicine could be used by non-indigenous people in away that was not separate or alien from our lives in thecurrent world. The nature of the sacrament induces a feelingof unification with the human experience across the ages, andthe power of the jungle reminded me of geologic time and thenewness of the human species. The basic themes of the seminar- healing, growth, connection with divinity, andself-discovery – as well as the ceremonial atmosphere wecreated, respectfully connected us with the ancient use of theplant. Building on this traditional basis, the discussions wehad as a group, the structure of the ceremony, and thelectures and activities provided were decidedly modern. Wediscussed astrophysics, the Internet, relativity¬†ayahuasca ceremony uk theory, drugpolicy in the United States, shamanism, the Mayan calendar,extraterrestrial life, time travel, our inner children, ourpsychological struggles, our experiences of joy, and more.”Want to ‘SEE’ What Taking Ayahuasca is like? – Watch this clipfrom the movie ‘Blueberry’ (aka ‘Renegade’): it’s impossible to show the beyond time and ‘liquid space’ ofAyahuasca Ceremonies on a flat movie screen – this is the bestdepiction of what occurs during actual Ayahuasca Ceremoniesthat we’ve found. Watch for the ‘Vision’ sequences in thisclip – not so much the heavy drama ‘warrior’ parts between thetwo men. You will actually have these types of ‘Visions’during a Ceremony and as the clip shows they are both’Heavenly’ and ‘Hellish’. Ayahuasca has the uncanny ability toshow you exactly what you have inside you – with care, andsomehow knowing all about you – showing you that which yoursoul is ready to look at. You are not overwhelmed – butrespectfully guided to see that which you want to and need tosee for your souls evolution.Terms for reprint:1. You must publish the article AS IS. Do not modify, alter or edit it.2. The author’s resource box must accompany the article at all times.3. The link/s must be active or clickable.4. Notifying the author is not required, but doing so is appreciated.

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