How to Use Apple TV for Mac?

Source: How to Use Apple TV for Mac?

The one major difference between the Mac version of the TV application and the rest is that-on iOS as well as Apple TV,How to Use Apple TV for Mac? Articles ‘The TV application’ is combined with plenty of third-party apps such as Hulu and NBC for bringing each of the favorite content اشتراك iptv together in a single particular area. Here is how to use Apple TV Mac.

Watching a show or film into the TV application

Firstly, launch the TV application. It shall be situated in your Dock or Applications folder.
Then, press on a show or film from Up Next for viewing it quickly.
One alternative way is to move downwards to ‘What to Watch’ or any particular rest of the TV and film parts.
After that, press the selected show or movie.
Next, tap on Play.

Watching Apple TV+ shows or films in TV application.

Firstly, launch Apple TV on the Mac device of yours.
Next, do a Two-finger swipe or move on the Apple TV+ part under What to Watch.
Then, press on the Show that you wish watching.
Next, tap ‘play or Play Episode.’

Including shows or films to UP Next into the TV Application

Firstly, launch the TV application.
Then, start a film or TV show on the application. Remember this film shall be displayed to you next time you search for it.
An alternative way for it is pressing on any film in the parts located Up Next.
After that, press on Add to Up Next.

Purchasing films as well as shows into the TV application

Firstly, launch the TV application.
Then, press Movies or TV shows situated above at the beginning of the display.
Next, press a title that you wish purchasing or renting.
After that, press the Buy or Rent options whenever presented.


Subscribing to channel in the TV application

Firstly, start the TV.
Then, tap on a channel of which you wish subscribing.
After that, tap ‘Try It Free.’
Next, put the password of yours.
Then, tap on Buy.
Lastly, click on the Confirm.

Removing a ‘channel subscription’ on any Mac device of yours

Firstly, launch System Preferences.
Then, tap on Apple ID.
Next, tap on Media and Purchases.
After that, press Manager after the Subscription.
Next, press the ‘Exit.’ It shall be placed after the channel subscription on the list of active subscriptions.
Then, press on Cancel Subscription.
Lastly, press the Confirm option.

Managing downloads into the TV application

Firstly, start the TV application.
Then, press the TV option given on the menu.
After that, press on Preferences.
Next, go to the General panel, press the check the bar after the ‘Always check for available downloads’ if you wish the application for checking present downloads.
Then, press Movies as well as TV shows or any one of the bars for downloading that by itself.