Side Effects of Winstrol

Winstrol,Side Effects of Winstrol Articles Stanozolol as its generic name, is anabolic steroid that doctors prescribe to patients with severe injuries or for those who have to have gain weight. It is also used to treat breast cancer and anemia. It can also treat patients who have hereditary angiodema, a disease where in the genitals, face, throat, bowels and other parts of the body swells.

Winstrol becomes popular, and the reason is its effectiveness, as well as it relative safety. However, this can be achieved once the steroid is taken and used correctly. Just like any other medications, this too has its side effects.

1) Enlargement of the Sexual Organ. Women who take this steroid will experience their clitoris enlarging. Men will experience penis enlargement when they take this steroids. This is a serious side effect that needs to be checked by the doctor.
2) Acne. You can develop acne once you take Winstrol. It may be a serious problem, but to some, it’s not that serious. It is advised that when the acne develops, immediate check up by the doctor is needed.
3) Hair Problems. Some may notice that they are experiencing hair growth in unusual body places. Others have abnormal hair lost. Boys experience unusual hair growth.
4) Changes in Sexual Desire. People who are taking this steroid may find themselves having changes in their sexual desires. They may have increased or decreased desires because of the drug. It is recommended that you consult your doctor when this happens.
5) Headaches and Insomnia. People who are steroids taker are finding it hard to sleep at night, or get a good sleep. Although doctors find it not that serious, they still recommends sufferer to consult their doctors.

These side effects are classified based on how long the steroids have been used.

Temporary Side Effects of Winstrol

Taking these steroids will give initial side effects that, as you use it more anavar, will be resolved. Medical attention is usually not required when it comes to this type of side effects. But you can always contact your doctor if they persist, or you become annoyed with them. These side effects include chills, raised or lowered libido, muscle cramps, insomnia, fullness of the abdomen and diarrhea. Both men and women can experience these side effects. However, men have added side effects like impotence and acne.

Side Effects of Long Term Use

When you use WInstrol for a longer time, they cam have an added side effects. These are rare side effects that include vomiting with blood, feces that are discolored, sore throat, fever and red or purple spots in the body. You may also experience abdominal pain, halitosis or bad breath that is continuing, and discomfort feelings. Other rare side effects are headache, unexplained weight loss and appetite loss that cannot be cured.

Serious Side Effects

When you take WInstrol for a long time, you may get a serious side effect. You may notice that your skin is becoming yellow, as well as your eyes, bone pains, bleeding that are not normal, vomiting, sore tongue, swelling of your foot or leg and nausea.

Women may experience abnormal hair loss, oily skin and development of acne. They also have an irregular menstrual period and depression. Men may experience frequent erections and breast soreness.

Winstrol is an effective drug that is also considered to be safe. However, improper use of it will lead to these side effects, whether they are temporary or serious. All of these side effects need medical help immediately. So if you take the steroids and you experience one of these, it’s better to seek medical help.