The Advent of Technology and Cricket

The other and better known meaning of cricket is the form of a game which is played with a bat and a ball,The Advent of Technology and Cricket Articles has two teams and consists of eleven players on each side. It further consists of two umpires who regulated the proceedings of the game by displaying various types of signals by using their hands and legs. The bowler bowls the ball and the batsmen have to hit it anywhere he or she likes.

The game of cricket is not like just any other game played in the country. The game of cricket is more like a religion in the Indian subcontinent. In India, a country with a population of more than a billion 구월동마사지 (which is second largest in the world), the players are treated as god if they perform well in the cricket matches, but they also have to face the harsh sentiments of the people when their performance is not up to the mark. Although the game of cricket originated in England, but it slowly spread to the other parts of the world.

The game of cricket is played in three formats namely the test match, one day match and the twenty-twenty. The test match is the longest version of the game which is regarded as the most monotonous and boring by many people. The latest version called the twenty- twenty is the most preferred as it hardly lasts for four hours. It also helps in generation of a huge amount of revenue for the various cricket control boards of the various countries. Now, with the advent of technology, the cell phones have become the most important gadgets in use.

There also exist phones which cater to exclusive lovers of the game of cricket. They have special features for receiving updates, live scores and even ball by ball updates too. Such cricket phones also have a market. The used cricket phones are often available in the market for a price which is generally very less than the original price. Ultimately, it can be said that such phones cater to a specific strata of the society consisting of the people for whom cricket is an important thing. Hence it has proved to be a good innovation till now and also has a well-defined market.